More about your pension Benefits

Many members of the UNITE HERE Local 75 participate in the UNITE HERE Pension

Your Pension Plan was set up through collective bargaining between your Union and
your Employer. It is funded through contributions established in your collective

The Board of Trustees is responsible for the operation of your Pension Plan and for
the determination of all questions of eligibility and payment of benefits. They meet
regularly to be sure that the plan works for the benefit of members. They may
amend or terminate the Pension Plan at any time. The Trustees are appointed
equally by your Union, UNITE HERE Local 75, and by your Employers.

You will receive a personal pension benefit statement each year you are an active member of this Pension Plan. Please read this statement carefully. Please contact Ellement as soon as possible if have any concerns or questions about your annual pension statement.

Your Pension Fund is invested by independent, professional investment managers. Neither the Union nor the Employers nor Soben Management Ltd. nor Ellement Consulting Group make any independent investment decisions.

Long-term financial security is important for the men and women who make our
Canadian hospitality industry great. This Pension Plan, along with the Canada Pension
Plan, Old Age Security, the UNITE HERE Health & Welfare Plan, and the security of
your collective agreement all contribute to your own personal well being and security.

For more information about your pension plan, please speak with your
Human Resources Department or Ellement


Unite Here Pension Plan

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Pension forms 

Application for pension benefits

Application for plan membership (Pension ONLY)


Spousal waiver or pre retirement death benefit
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